What Are You Drinking?


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Ketel One Martini Up Extra Dry with Bleu Cheese stuffed Olives. Well deserved after the day I've had today.
Jealous as well. I would pretty much take a martini of any kind. Rarely have I met one I didn't like :RpS_laugh:


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Had a fountain Diet Coke earlier this afternoon. Now having a nice tall glass of sweet tea in a Minnie Mouse cup. I've got a couple frozen Pomegranate Margaritas in the freezer that are calling my name so that may come later.


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An Argentinian Malbec. Don't know the name - it's a new one I picked up and I don't feel like getting up to look at the label. I always have a glass of vino (or two) at this time, ergo my screen name.


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You're definitely getting your money's worth out of that shaved ice machine Brenda!


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Got a Moosehead going. Not particularly good, but it's one of those "whatever" beers.


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I was once quoted that I only drink 3 drinks - coffee, water, and chardonay....Cupcake Chardonay this eve, but any "good" Chard will do. I'm open to recommendations.


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I had a glass of milk with dinner. The way my week has been going at work, if I had a glass of wine, I'd probably fall asleep. However, I predict a glass (or two) of wine on Saturday - I've got a few bottles from some local wineries that I need to get rid of, so it's really my duty as a responsible shopper to drink them, right?


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My standard drinks are dark black coffee (do NOT mess with coffee; only heathens put anything in it or drink it flavoured), coke and water. I keep telling myself I need to have a drink in the evening but it just never happens. I can buy a 6 pack of Redbridge beer (the only decent tasting gluten free beer I've found) and it can last me 6+ months. I'm such a lush. I should make myself the occasional martini. My DH loves how I make them; dry, extra dirty, on the rocks with extra olives. Now that I found a vodka I really like (Chopin; an actual potato vodka) I should really make them for myself.