What do you like to do after a Disney Race?


Looking at my plans for next February. My family is running the Princess 1/2. Though DH & I have run it in the past, this will be my (15YO) DD's 1st.

If you've ever done a race, what do you like to plan for the rest of the day? Do you make ADRs? wander the parks? something different?

I'm thinking HOOP could be fun but I'm worried about teen stamina awaking at 3 am 2 days in a row. Having said that, our AP expire Thursday so I want to make the most of our time.


Congrats on your DD's first race! I've done a few (no 1/2s, just 10Ks and 5Ks) and am doing the W&D 10K in November. I think the prevailing advice is to go to a park, because you kind of want to keep your legs moving? My plan for after my race is to go to a park, leave and take a nap in the afternoon, and then return for the evening. I did this after my first race and it worked great (although was a little later in returning than planned, guess I needed a longer nap than expected). You also might want to plan some swimming in there, because that'll be good relaxation for your legs.


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Depending upon how well-trained she is, you might decide to not make any firm plans and just see how she's feeling. Play it by ear. Or, if she's been running 10-15 miles at a time without any real issues, then making some plans (ADRs, FP+ etc) should be fine.


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Even having trained, I'd be inclined not to make hard plans because you have to get up at o-dark-thirty. I still might get a few FP+, but I would not put any of my can't-miss things there, and I would not make ADRs. After my (one) half, I sat in a cold bath for a half hour, and then napped. I didn't set an alarm.


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Seeing as how training has barely gotten started (if at all!), I'd go ahead and make plans - with the intention to cancel them. If training goes well, and she thinks she can handle lots of mileage with minimal sleep, then you'll kick yourself for not having something scheduled! Then wait and see how training goes. And of course you can cancel ADR's the day before if you can see that she won't be up for anything post- race!
Might I recommend one - the afternoon tea at GF? Timing is good, between like 2-5pm. Allows for recovery and a nap. It's not formal, it's not a huge meal (but still filling), and is always appropriate for Princess weekend! Mind you, this tends to fill up for Princess weekend. So an ADR would be necessary.

Pool time and/or ice bath will help her legs if she is super sore. Also, yes, it is good to keep moving in the afternoon. Even if it's just walking around the resort.

To answer your question - what do I do after a race? I always plan a dinner somewhere. I use the lunch hour to recover and relax, and then get moving again late afternoon. Always hungry after a race, so I always make dinner plans!
If you've ever done a race, what do you like to plan for the rest of the day? Do you make ADRs? wander the parks? something different?
As many have already mentioned, it really depends on how the training goes for your daughter, but I would plan to do something. My BFF and I ran PHM as our very first half marathon back in 2013 and we didn't know how we would feel so planned for a relaxing day of brunch, nap, massage, dinner. Since then we've run many more races (both disney and non-disney) and I do feel that walking the parks after can help keep the stiffness and soreness away as long as you take it easy. But it can also be nice to have the relaxing day. The last time we ran the Princess challenge, we did parks Friday, Saturday and Monday. On Sunday after the half we had the fabulous brunch at Cali grill (scheduled pretty late so that we would have plenty of time to go back to hotel to shower and change, got massages, then walked around disney springs and got dinner. It was just about perfect and we were ready to go for eating and drinking our way around Epcot the next day ;)
Both 1/2's I've done at WDW went like this: Run race, go back to hotel and eat, head to room, shower, lay down and sleep for 2-3 hours. I was ready by noon/1:00 to get going, but I didn't have much in me that afternoon. It's truly not the race itself that exhausts me, but the waking up SOO early. It's difficult for me to do much with less than 6 hours of sleep.


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I've run 4 Disney half marathons. For the first race we went back to the resort and hung by the pool, had drinks and an early dinner at Narcossees.

The other three times I've had drinks or successfully completed drinking around the world.

So either done really nothing or gone hard.


We've run a few races at WDW, and I would highly recommend leaving the afternoon open for rest and recovery, followed by an ADR at a favorite for dinner. A massage at one of the spas would really help you and your daughter with recovery! I agree with everyone saying it just depends on how the training/race day goes. Hoop Dee Doo (I think that's what you're talking about?) could be a great way to end the day after the family has a chance to rest!