What was your last ride in WDW?


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It wasn't intentional, it just worked out that way - we wanted a quiet, calm ride to finish out our trip, and PeopleMover during Happily Ever After was a pretty good way to accomplish that. In hindsight, I'm glad it's the choice we made.


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someone asked me this the other day....and I don't remember :( I have to see if I can figure it out....


Buzz Lightyear 3x in a row on 3/14/20. We had a FP+ and two "extra" anytime FPs. Planned a quick weekend trip for my Mom's birthday--she was a bit nervous about crowds due to Covid, so we just hit the highlights (for us) and went back to resort. Great, short visit!


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12/21/19 Pirates on our anniversary trip. Our first trip just the 2 of us since the kids were born! So glad we were able to do that trip before the pandemic. We had considered doing a European river cruise summer 2020 as a delayed anniversary trip.


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Space Mountain.

It's a terrible picture but it shows the state of things this past Wednesday just before 3pm. Nobody in line on either side.



Last ride in parks: On Dec 22, 2019, TSMM, I beat my husband (that almost never happens)!
Last ride in Disney: July 2, 2020, kayaked around Fort Wilderness campground on our AKL no parks trip, if that counts!


2/10/2020: Frozen Ever After

Then the Boardwalk photo booth before catching an Uber to the airport...