What's for dinner?


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Campbell's cream of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches made with homemade (no-knead) wheat bread...

Easy peasy... they can't all be gourmet nights!


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We had shlecken-flecken tonight. I'm not sure if it is a real thing, or something my grandma made up, but it's delicious!! Egg noodles mixed with scrambled eggs and chunks of ham leftover from last night's ham dinner. We also had potato patties. Leftover mashed potatoes fried in Crisco until the outsides are nice and crunchy and salty. This is a specialty of DH's grandma! Not a super healthy meal, but it was yummy!!!


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Caribbean beach chicken nuggets and fries. Not the fanciest Disney food but since I ate half a caramel apple at batb today, about 3 bites of kid dinner is enough.

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I tried a new recipe of vegetable ribbon "pasta" which was spiral cut zucchini. I used turkey sausage instead of the measly slices of bacon called for. It was pretty good even though DD didn't like it, and she's my good eater. She didn't like the zucchini linguine with marinara sauce I made last week either.


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Just DH and myself tonight. Kids are out at school function. We are having taco leftovers from the other night.



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First night of cooking all week, and likely the only one, so I decided to actually cook: risotto with basil, cherry tomatoes, and zucchini, salad of baby kale and carrots, and some multigrain bread. Now that I have earned my keep it will be back to the fend-for-yourself routine the next few days.


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Hash browns, baby carrots and eggs for the kiddos here. (What? It's breakfast SOMEWHERE...:RpS_tongue:).

I have a bit of the flu and feel like crap, so I am probably going to make myself a soup of sorts from whatever is in the fridge....
I discovered the recipe for the Food & Wine Festival kalua pork sliders this weekend. They are absolutely delicious. Had leftovers tonight. It's one of those recipes where the flavors intensify (and get more spicy!) over time. I highly recommend this recipe! A couple of changes - I used fresh wheat buns from the grocery store, which I lightly toasted. (King's Hawaiian rolls also work.) Also, based on my husband's Hawaiian aunt's recommendation, I poked the pork all over with a long fork, rubbed it with 2 tsp. of liquid smoke and 1 tablespoon of Ono Hawaiian seasoning (from World Market), and didn't cut it in half or use the banana leaves (couldn't find them).


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We're having roasted turkey breast (warm) on Costco torta rolls with homemade chiptotle mayo, guacamole and havarti cheese. Salad for a side dish. I seriously could eat the chiptotle mayo at every meal it's so good!
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Hot dogs, mac & cheese and fruit. I have had a headache all afternoon and DH is working. DS13 made what he and DS10 wanted.

Yep, I'm a great mom.


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Triscuit-chicken meatloaf (aka chicken meatloaf, with some old triscuits that no-one wanted ground up and used as the binder) packed with veggies, eggplant parmigiana and risotto.

Not bad for a busy Friday!