What's for dinner?

Mrs. Potts

Homemade broccoli soup with crusty bread from Sam's Club. The recipe for the soup is the best and so easy, I got it from Down Home with the Neely's tv show.


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Appys and beverages at the bar at California Grill, maybe late enough to coincide with Hallowishes. Because I don't have a rezzie.


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After attending a party yesterday that should have been called a Meat-A-Palooza (I try to be vegan-ish or at least veggie most of the time) tonight I'm making corn and potato chowder. Wanted to use some fresh corn before it gets too late. It smells delicious and I can't wait! Better yet will be when DD (who didn't "want a nap" but then fell asleep while her brother read to her) decides she's too tired and cranky to eat. That's okay - it will heat up nicely later too.


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Bison burgers with grilled red onion and leftover cauliflower puree.



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George wins.

It was a cold rainy Sunday, so I figured I'd make veggie lasagnas while watching football (one for now, one to freeze). But, I had chicken in the fridge, approaching its expiration date. So, I made veggie lasagna with a side of chicken parm. Problem is there were only two of us (kid doesn't like either - she had plain pasta), so my answer to this thread for the rest of the week will be "veggie lasagna and chicken parm".

Oh and I made apple crisp too, from the apples we picked last weekend.

I'm tired.


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The stupid Picnic Shoulder has stalled, so it still isn't done. Did I mention that I put it on at 2:30 and it started raining hard at 3:00?

Maybe I should have put this in the rant thread.


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Leftovers to use out from the fridge, so I made a quick egg fried rice with brown rice and chopped up turkey hot dogs, served with stir-fried veggies...


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Last night was tacos. Taco Tuesday.
Tonight I'm trying those new Campbell's slow cooker sauce things. The Hawaiian Luau with pork roast, which I'll shred when it's done for sandwiches. I'm grasping for anything similar to the F&WF Hawaii pork sandwiches apparently. Can't wait to see how it tastes!
I'm now officially hungry and it all sounds so good. Tonight my DS and I are going to watch the US Men's open practice so probably hot dogs and nachos. My DD eats dinner at church every Wednesday before youth group so she's saved.