When did they extend F&W so late into November?


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Shame on me for planning so many trips and not checking the actual F&W dates until today for a fall 2019 trip. I remember them always ending Jersey week but just realized that it goes to 11/23 this year. I know they changed the dates to start earlier but never noticed that they ended later as well. Just curious.

This throws a little crimp or perhaps opportunity into my fall trip planning. I may decide to go in November now instead of October.


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Every year the dates seem to get a little bit longer. My guess is Disney will keep pushing it until they aren't getting a return on their investment to do so. It's so popular they could almost just leave all the booths up year round and find a festival excuse for them. I'd be here for it. I love snacking and walking around WS.


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It's so popular they could almost just leave all the booths up year round and find a festival excuse for them.
They are almost there already. Starting just after the Marathon in January they host Art & Food & Wine, then a quick changeover to Plants & Food & Wine. A break for summer when kids are off school and families don't really need an extra reason to go, and then a transition to Food & Wine. The only thing they haven't done (yet) is open the booths for what would be Holidays & Food & Wine.

Those booths print money.


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From the Disney website:
Epcot® International Festival of the Holidays
Special Event
November 29 - December 30, 2019

The page includes the holiday kitchens, so unless they intend to start the kitchens on a different day than the rest of the "event", it looks like they will start on 11/29.

As Brian pointed out, that basically means food & wine type festivals from end of August through flower and garden.

F&W 8/29 - 11/23
Festival of the holidays 11/29 - 12/30
Arts Festival - 1/18 – 2/25 (2019 dates)
F&G - 3/6 - 6/3 (2019 dates)

With Thanksgiving earlier on 11/22 in 2019, the F&W ended on 11/18, but the Holiday Festival events started earlier on 11/22. So basically the same thing. Straight through from end of August through early June with just the summer without a festival as of yet. I knew they had added food to the various festivals and extended and even Josh has referenced it as he begins each review (God bless him!) but didn't realize they had extended F&W all the way to Thanksgiving each year.

Now to decide on when to go. Looks like if I go in November pre-Thanksgiving I can get F&W and a MVMCP if I want, but probably no storytellers or other Christmas related events until Thanksgiving which is later on 11/29 this year.


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Im here for them to add some summer festival. We end up there every other June as we can tag it on to a convention work trip. We'd love to see those booths up year round. Also previously F&W has had the most booths with only some being used for other festivals (holidays the least and F&G the most). Just leave them all there all the time IMO. Were suckers for the stroll, sip and snack.


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Only if they add Air Conditioning to Epcot :RpS_biggrin:

We went in late September one year where we hit a heat wave that made it 95 degrees with a real feel of 103. It really sucked most of the enjoyment out of it. With early September being as hot as August, even Josh has mentioned how it affects the festival experience.

Then again, even with summer crowds probably not requiring a festival (and to think these started primarily as a way to draw crowds in off-peak times), with the way these things print money nothing would surprise me.