Where do you own and when did you buy?


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I'm curious about who on this board are owners and how long they have been members.

We own at Bay Lake Tower and we bought in 2009.

We are still pretty new owners so I appreciate learning about other owners and taking advantage of their advice and wisdom.


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I'd love to be a DVC owner someday so I'm hoping to hear why people chose their home resort and why they think it's the best one.


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Hello! Proud owner of 200 SSR points (purchased in 2007 while at Disneyland) and 160 VGC points.

We purchased at SSR because that's what they were selling at the time and we purchased at VGC because we told our guide that we'd buy when they opened there.

I've only stayed at the main portion of SSR once, and I was stuck in the Paddock area. I had vowed to never return. We'd hoped to try out the others but then the Treehouses opened, we tried them out, and were very pleased that we owned at SSR. Now that the new pool is going in, with another CS, I'd imagine I would enjoy SSR more.

As for VGC . . . wow.

I've never regretted anything but the fact that we didn't get more points! When we first purchased we only saw the need for a 1BR. We didn't plan for the future, however, and now our points go to 2BR reservations. I'd really like to add on to both of our contracts.


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I'm really out of the DVC lingo 'cause I don't know what VGC is. A clue, please?

ETA: Wait, just got it- is it Villas at the Grand Californian?


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We bought AKV in 2008. We have used our membership quite a bit although we have never stayed at AKV. We are trying it for the first time in June. We have heard good thinkgs about it; so we are looking forward to our first visit. We have stayed at BWV, BCV, VWL, SSR, OKW and VGC and Vero (so almost everything but AKV and BLT). We really like DVC because we need a kitchen when we travel due to food allergies, but also enjoy being on-site. In retrospect, we probably would prefer to be in the boardwalk area, but Disney wasn't selling those properties and we didn't think about buying resale back then.


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Hey guys. I bought 420 BLT points in 2009. I spent a lot, maybe too much time researching this stuff. I haven't stayed in all that many different places but I feel like I have a firm grasp as to how this DVC stuff works etc. When I get back from San Diego, I will spend some time sprucing the forum up with links and conventional wisdom to commonly asked questions and your input would be helpful.


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We bought AKV in 2008. We have used our membership quite a bit although we have never stayed at AKV. We are trying it for the first time in June. We have heard good thinkgs about it; so we are looking forward to our first visit.
I hope you love it! We have stayed at Kidani for a March trip and it was fantastic. I got sick for one day and had to spend the day sleeping and recuperating. Both DH and I agreed that it was one great room to be sick in! While I slept he watched the savanna and all the animals. But even without the sick day, we totally loved AKV.


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We first brought at SSR(the 1st year they were open) but we wanted to buy BCV or BWV- and wrongfully told by DVC personel that there was none available. Then 3 years later we finally brought at BWV(direct from disney).

Over all we have been happy, but honestly wish all my points were at BCV and BWV. I currently have had no problem switching at 7th month window, but in leiu of recent changes re: resale vs dvc ownership purchases, I wonder if potentially it will be a problem. Hoping not
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I'm a DVC owner wanna-be. I usually rent points to stay at DVC and I've stayed at OKW, BCV, BWV, AKV and VWL. I've loved all of them. I usually stay in a 1 bedroom unit. If I ever win the lottery, I'll buy into DVC.


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We purchased DVC while at DLR for SSR in hopes to purchase at VGC when they opened up because of the whole option to purchase going out to owners whose contract originated in CA. Well......we still haven't gotten VGC and I'm not sure that we will......too expensive and we usually have 10+ people with us there so it just isn't economical when you can stay right across the street from the park for so much less.......but I digress.

We had the options of SSR and AKL as both were being sold at the time. We chose SSR because we had done a tour there in Jan 2006 and just feel in love with the place. I'd visited other resorts but we just loved SSR so.....we bought in there. When the THV opened up, we got even more excited with our choice. In all honestly......I love both SSR and THV and am glad to have the options of both of those at the 11 month window.

That said, we do like to try out the other resorts. We have stayed at BCV (Jan 2010) and will be staying at AKV Kidani in May (as requested by DSIL's family. DSIL isn't too sure about having Giraffes looking in the window at her!!)

Our original purchase was for 225 points but we added on an additional 100 points when they had a great sale last summer ($89 per point!!). We want to add on even more in the future as our nieces and nephews are getting older and we want to be able to bring more of them to WDW and not just DLR so.....we will need more points!!! We eventually hope to have at least 500 points and will most likely have them all at SSR. (Did I mention that we LOVE SSR?!?!?)


We own the basic 160 point contract at Saratoga Springs (SSR), purchased directly from Disney in early 2008. Same thing - that's what they were selling, and we really wanted to buy. I knew some things about DVC at that time, but didn't really think about buying anywhere else (and did not know you could buy resale at that time).

SSR is a great resort, I must say (it doesn't get enough love and it has a lot going for it). However, if I had to be honest, I love Beach Club Villas best. We LOVE being able to walk into Epcot (gotta have hoppers when you stay there) in 5 minutes. But we had never stayed there prior to buying our points, so we didn't know that. We've stayed at SSR once with another trip coming up there, and we have also traded out to most of the other DVCs @ WDW (haven't made it to OKW or BLT yet). We've stayed at BCV the most.

Oh and we definitely want more points! We just don't have the money to do it right now. I'm guessing we will buy resale because we don't really care about the options that are being taken away from future resale purchasers - we bought our points to stay at Disney, so that's all we care about. Maybe we'll even get some at BCV, or just buy more at SSR.
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We own 335 points at SSR - 210 purchased intially in 2006 and 125 added on in 2008. I love my home resort and could cheerfully stay there every vacation, but we've also tried AKV, BCV, VGC, and OKW on various trips since purchasing. I want to add on additional points at VGC somewhere down the road - I'm thinking enough so that we could go every three years or so.


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We own 200 points at SSR, purchased in early 2004.



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We bought our original 210 pts at AKL in 2008 on our first family trip. Then we added 130 SSR pts in 2010 because I just had to stay at the THV. I promised DH that I would wait another 2 years before we added on anymore. If I add on again it will probably be more at AKV we just LOVE it there.


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Thoughts on buying from Disney vs. buying resale?

ETA: maybe this should be a whole different thread?


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We bought our 160 points at AKV in the fall of 2007. Mike and I took a no-kids/Food&Wine/anniversary/let's check out DVC trip that October. We rented points to stay at SSR and really really disliked it. We are most definitely "hotel-style" vacationers, not "condo-style" (like SSR and OKW). We toured the AKV models, visited AKL/Jambo House (had never stayed there, just eated at Boma), and felt instantly at home. Jambo and Kidani are relaxing, which is what we need while on a vacation.

I would love to add-on at some point, but financially we're looking at 6 consecutive years of college tuition starting in the fall. I expect we'd buy resale at BLT or more AKV. Daisy (11) would love us to get some BCV points as we stayed at YC twice before DVC. I could see staying at BCV for a short trip, but I prefer the additional bathroom and the flexibility of sleeping arrangements with the sleeper chair at AKV and BLT (family of 5).

My dream is to spend every January in DVC accomodations once it's just the two of us.
I had my eye on DVC back in 2007, but I couldn't justify the expense then. Last March I heard that DVC was doing 100 point minimums for new members for $90/pt at OKW with no closing costs and it included the prior year's points. That did it for me. We were in. We stayed last year at VGC and we're staying at OKW this September. We'll definitely buy more points in the future, but we're also looking at college costs for two over the next six or seven years.