Where do you own and when did you buy?

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If you ever need to gift some of those excessive points, you know where to find me! :RpS_tongue: .....
Some how we find a way to use them.... well most of them (I did have to rent some last year). It's just tough when Feb 15 comes along!

I would really love to escape down to the F&W with DH... and only DH. But it is hard to arrange that with the kiddos and just life in general. Someday.


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Welcome to our Forums!!

The following countries are the only ones where DVC can sell directly to their citizens: Canada, England, Bahamas, Mexico, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Wales.

Basically, that means that you will probably find that Disney can not sell DVC directly to you. However, there is no prohibition on you buying from the resale market. That means you can buy contracts directly from current DVC members who are trying to sell their contract/real estate interest.

Here are a couple great sites to buy DVC contracts:


I will be updating the FAQ with more information tonight. Hopefully you will find simple answers to your questions. Feel free to ask other questions as needed. And you can certainly start your own thread!!:RpS_laugh:
Are you sure Japan's not included in there? I know I read somewhere that Japan is one of DVC's biggest new areas of expansion (and they have kiosks in the parks over there).


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We bought at SSR in 2005. Then we added on at BCV in 2006 and added on again at AKV in 2007. I think we're done (unless they build DVC at the Poly, that is!)


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Yeah... that Poly DVC keeps popping up. Right now, I think its just urban legend, but I hope Im wrong. The only place to put it would be that bare area to the NE of the TTC right before you cross the waterway to the Contemporary.


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I actually ran across that plan for the GF DVC soon after writing my previous post. Its quite interesting. I am not a gigantic GF fan, so a DVC GF really wouldnt interest me like a Poly DVC would.

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We bought AKV in 2008. We have used our membership quite a bit although we have never stayed at AKV. We are trying it for the first time in June. We have heard good thinkgs about it; so we are looking forward to our first visit. We have stayed at BWV, BCV, VWL, SSR, OKW and VGC and Vero (so almost everything but AKV and BLT). We really like DVC because we need a kitchen when we travel due to food allergies, but also enjoy being on-site. In retrospect, we probably would prefer to be in the boardwalk area, but Disney wasn't selling those properties and we didn't think about buying resale back then.
I really love AKV, Jambo house.


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We bought 270 AKL points in 2008, have since added on 50 AKL points from Disney and just closed on 160 AKL points resale. We love AKL! (Kidani fans fo the extra bathroom) Like many others not sure I will ever feel like I totally have enough but feeling pretty good with our current amount and with 3 kids have enough to give each kid an even number!

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I bought a 160 point contract at AKV August '08. I've come to find out that I don't have enough points which I'm noticing is fairly common! I have a severe case of addonitis that cannot be relieved until I'm in a financial position to add on. Ideally I'd like to add another 160 but not sure if I want more AKV points or will end up buying at another resort. My intention was to have enough points to bring family along if I felt like it and travel to WDW every other year. 160 points just isn't enough even every other year based on the number of days we usually like to stay which is at least 10, not including travel days since we're from Southern California.


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Welcome to the boards Kate and Castillo Mom! You are in good company with never owning enough points! I've been resisting addonitis too. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to hold out.


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Yeah......we have that addonitus ourselves. Our goal is to eventually have at least 500 points. We plan on keeping them all at SSR as the problem with having them at multiple resorts is that you have to either have split stays (because of the 11 month window) or you have to hope to get rooms at the 7 month mark at the same resort. We don't want that kind of stress!!!! Of course......I'm sure that we will find that we need more then the 500 points once we get to that point.....but for now......we have to be happy with our 325.


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These sound unbelievable! What if you don't own DVC? We bought at Orange Lake on our honeymoon in 1993. We just upgraded our unit to points in 2009 and bought one of the Signature Collection units. We'll be using it this August - can't wait! For us there are no other places in Florida except Orlando and DW!!!


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We own 150 points at OKW. We bought resale last year in order to stay in the villas and have more space, a kitchen and w/d. We might add on in a couple of years, or we might decide to rent an off site house (gasp!) once every few years to stretch our points. If we do add on I think we will buy at a second resort - AKV, BWV or BCV if I had to choose today - to stay at OKW EOY and another resort EOY. We love our DVC so far!


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We bought 160 points at AKV in December 2010. I really want more points. BUT, we don't have children and don't have to have a 1BR. A studio should work fine for us. Since we bought in December, we had 320 points to use this year. We are taking 10 people with us and getting 3 studios. Then we have a trip in February for my birthday and maybe one in October.

Once DH gets his boat, maybe we will be able to get some more points!