Where in WDWorld is this?


Light hearted spot the location of the photo. Give a clue if it's difficult. eg You may need your 3D glasses.



Yeah Christine got this one! It's from one of the most terrifying attractions at Disney ITTBAB.


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You would appreciate the shirts my girls got at Vacation Bible School last year. The theme was something about a big city, so they got "I Heart JC" shirts, in the old school "I Heart NY" style. I immediately thought it was wonderful that all these kids loved Julie C.! :RpS_flapper:


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I was thinking it might be the horse my DH lost money on at The Derby AND The Preakness.
Why won't he listen to me?

Not an easy one Pam!
I'll guess one of the horses on Main Street?


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Well, to hear Trudy tell it, it's Kona Cafe's steak supplier. :RpS_biggrin:

For such an easy one, I'm totally stumped. The only thing I can think of is somewhere I haven't been but will be in 2 moths: FW where you can pet the horses.


Or Jungle Cruise
Things are bad for me, I thought you'd seen the horse on Jungle Cruise.:RpS_blushing:

I've just had a thought, this could end up like one of those mystery voice competitions on the radio that goes on for weeks.


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Trudy and Josh got it ;)

You can walk around the stables there. We were surprised that they were sort of rough looking - unpainted lumber and all that, very rugged and not-Disney. We fit right in!

Very funny George!


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Okay, this one is a little tougher.

Location (just which park it is) and species for the win:

After this one I'll quit hogging this cool topic and let someone else post a few (which will totally stump me, I'm certain!).


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I'll guess again, there's no penalty for being wrong, right? Is that a pheasent(sp?) in AK?


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AK is right, pheasant is wrong :RpS_wink:

I'll even give someone the win if they can say what type of bird this is.