Where to put Soarin'


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Our last park day on April 30 will be at Epcot. We have an ADR for dinner at Tokyo for 4pm as my parents will then depart to drive back home. The 1-day touring plan has Soarin' in the later part of the day - but my parents won't be there and I know they want to ride it. How will it be to ride it stand-by after we do a few rides in the morning?

There are EMH that morning so our plan so far is:

FP: Frozen EA
Spaceship Earth
Mission Space: Green (do we use a FP on that one? or on Figment?)

RD Test Track - 8-8:30
Ride Mission Space: Green - 8:40-9:00
Spaceship Earth FP+ 9:10-9:35
Where do we do Soarin'? After Spaceship Earth? Before it?
Will it still be someone managable at that point? (wait time under 45 mins?)
Figment - 11:00

My family of 4 can do Nemo etc. after dinner on our way back to the monorail - not worried about getting that done in the AM. We will plan on heading to World Showcase when we're finished with the main rides in Future World.

Thanks for your help!


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If you want to do all 3 tier 1s in the am your best strategy is to FP Test track (it has biggest crowds and most downtime at RD). RD FEA and walk briskly to Soarin right after FEA. Waits at RD rise most quickly TT, followed by FEA, followed by Soarin.


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How important is MS for the parents? I find it eminently skippable if you are doing the low intensity version. You could always slot in Soaring after TT, then Spaceship Earth and then decide MS or Figment on your way to WS. You could do both but it would be more walking than you may want to do.

You may be able to pick up MS as 4th FP on your way out as well.


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Thanks for your feedback - I admit I have little to no memory of Mission: Space but I know we all loved Soarin' last time so perhaps we don't care if we forgo Mission: Space and instead prioritize Soarin'. Or the 4 of us can get a 4th FP for it after dinner.

My parents are still hearty and healthy but I'm not sure walking all the way to Frozen Ever After and then booking it back to Future World is an option. But we'll see.

I appreciate your quick response!


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Sorry I missed it. When is your Frozen FP+? I didn't see it slotted in the morning so thought it was after 11 after you've made your way to WS. Something like

FP+ Spaceship Earth
MS (if time on way to Frozen and WS) (with FP+?)
Frozen FP+

A little more walking to get from TT to Soarin' rather than MS with that approach though not as bad as all the way to FEA and back. The closer to the front of the TT RD crowd the better also.

Ann's advice is best for FP+ if you are trying to do all three headliners. Not only will it save the most time but if TT goes down you will get an anytime FP for it.

Do you have a third FP+? If so, you may be able to get FEA or Soarin as a fourth with some refreshing. Again, that would probably involve some backtracking if everyone wants to ride.

It's hard to do all three headliners without some amount of backtracking.


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thanks for your response tigger - we will make our FP reservations next week. At the time I was planning I was thinking of using my Tier 1 FP for FEA in the afternoon and then trying to do stand-by for the other headliners. I guess I will see what we get for times for each of the things we want. Trying to be zen about it all :) Lots of good info from you both - thanks!!

Walking a little extra will be good for us!


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If you are going to have an afternoon FP for FEA, then the best rope drop strategy for wait time would be TT and then soarin assuming TT is actually up and running.

With all of the construction, I’m not sure how far you need to walk to get from one side of Future World to the other though.