Where would you eat at Boardwalk?


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We're staying at BWV the first week of November, and have about 3 nights where we're not sure what we're doing for dinner. Where in the Boardwalk/Crescent Lake area would you head for an evening meal, keeping in mind we will have had a TS lunch? Thanks in advance!


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Flying Fish and I'd skip the TS lunch.

But if you are looking for QS or something on the lighter side it gets harder, there's no standout option. Beaches and Cream is fun but I think they are closed for renovation? The bakery has reasonable grab and go but limited selection of savory items. Ample hills has the best ice cream if you want dessert for your dinner. Yacht club Ale and Compass is where I'd go for QS or lounge food. The pm character-free seafood buffet at Cape May is a solid choice as far as Disney buffets go. But it's a high price and a lot of food if you've already done a TS lunch.

We have not enjoyed ESPN club or Big River Grill. They both feel like chain restaurants back home. And Big River was filthy the one time we ate there. Avoid the pizza window at all costs. And if I was going to the effort of a nice sit down I'd choose flying fish over trattoria every time.

This is why we often end up walking to Epcot for more choices or food and wine booths when staying on Crescent lake.


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I would go to Epcot, particularly with a festival going on. I don’t know what your ticket situation is, but it would be “worth it” to me to have hoppers staying at that location.


I'll give a shout out to Crew's Cup in Beach/Yacht Club. Nice relaxed pub atmosphere and the best burger I've had on Disney property.