Which Park to leave out?


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My family and I (Husband, 13yr old son and 11 yr old son) are going to Disney the first week of December for a total of 3 park days. We are going to MK and a Christmas Party on one day and then we have 2 more park days. Originally we were planning on going to Epcot on Dec. 5th (we were going to do the Candlelight Processional) and Animal Kingdom on Dec. 6th. We are Star Wars fans but had thought maybe it would be too crazy to go right when the Rise of the Resistance is set to open. Our fastpass day is approaching and I am starting to wonder what we should do. Should we skip Epcot or Animal Kingdom and go to Hollywood Studios instead? Should we get hoppers and go to Hollywood Studios in the morning and then go to Epcot for the Candlelight Processional in the evening? Should I keep our original plans. I guess I am just looking for opinions! Thanks in advance!


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We could, but we love MK too much to only do it during the party. Definitely sticking with the MK day. Thanks though!


If you're going again soon, I'd keep your original plan. If you won't be back for a couple years, then with kids that age, I'd skip Epcot. I think I'd regret not seeing Galaxy's Edge, even if it was a madhouse. But a lot depends on how much you guys like Star Wars, how much your boys know about GE, or how early you're willing to get up on vacation.

I have an 8-year-old son who is aware that Star Wars land is open. We go to WDW every other year. There's no way we would miss it.


I would consider the hoppers and do Studios in the morning and Epcot/Candlelight Processional in the evening.
The MK day is set. AK is such a fun park and it's the 1st year AK's having special offering for the holidays. Not sure how good but worth trying in my book :D

That basically means deciding what to do Thurs Dec 5... HS or EP?

EP pros- new Epcot Forever night show, lower crowds because many people will want to do HS on opening day, Holiday Festival

HS pros- opening day GE bragging rights for 11 & 13yo boys

It's a hard call. If you have the strength/stamina to endure HS, I think this is a great opportunity to visit on an exciting day. But if you prefer to experience more relaxed holiday time as a family, Epcot will be better.


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I don't think I'd brave Studios on the day that RotR opens. If it were any other day, I'd skip Epcot. A lot is going to change there in the next year or two, but the park right now is the most "been there, done that" for me.


If it were me, my first choice would be to get hoppers if I could afford to. We do short visits (3-4 park days or 2 park days plus a party) and they're just nice to have when you're not there for a week. Second choice would be to sit down and decide priorities for FP+. Make a list of what you'd like to do/see most and then see what's available when your FP+ window opens. Your decision might be made for you using that strategy.