Whispering Canyon, June 2016


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I don't see too many reviews of Whispering Canyon, so I thought I'd share our thoughts.

We booked WCC for dinner on June 6. This is where my (13-yo) son wanted to eat for his birthday dinner. It is our 4th time eating here for dinner. Our ADR was for 5:00, which is when the restaurant opens for dinner. We got there early, so we killed time wandering around the lobby and public areas of the resort. At 5:00, we heard the opening, and went over to check in. We didn't have time to sit down in the waiting area before our buzzer went off.

I didn't write down our server's name, but she was great. Fun without being over the top or annoying. She started harassing my 15-yo as soon as we sat down. She gave him a hard time about being a teenager and said if he didn't behave, he would have to find a new family to sit with. She called out to see if there were any teenage girls in the room, so he could think about what family he might want to sit with. She also mentioned something about singing to a girl. He thought it was funny, but I don't think he wanted to sing! She moved on to teasing our 13-yo. He is more sensitive, and she seemed to pick up on that and didn't pick on him as much. She took our drink orders. I asked if they had sweet tea, and she said they can make it by boiling water/tea bags/sugar. I had two glasses, and it was very good sweet tea! My husband and youngest son both had bottomless milkshakes and a glass of ice water; husband started with caramel milkshake, and my son had strawberry. I *think* they each had one refill. My 15-yo son had Coke, I think. She brought our drinks and threw the straws at us; younger son thought that was hilarious.

We all ordered the skillet. It came with a salad first, family style. The salad was good, we liked the dressing. The skillet had pulled pork, chicken, sausages, brisket, ribs, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, baked beans and veggies (broccoli, zucchini, squash, carrots, maybe red peppers). Everything was really good! No one tried the sausages, but we ate everything else. We didn't have bbq sauce for the pulled pork, but it was really well seasoned and didn't need any (we didn't ask if they had any sauce). I had chicken, pulled pork and brisket; all of it was well cooked, but not overdone. Good flavor, nothing was bland. The potatoes were good, the veggies were not crunchy but not soggy, it was all really good. The three boys ate the ribs, they said they were really good. The skillet was all you can eat; I think we had seconds on the potatoes and veggies, but that was it.

We were too full for dessert, but she brought a cupcake for our younger son, since it was his bday. She had the entire restaurant sing Happy Birthday to him, and while they were singing, she started eating the cupcake. It was so funny! He didn't turn around to look at her, so he didn't know she was eating it, and that made it more funny. She did bring him a new cupcake, which he promptly asked for a box for.
We really enjoyed this meal. We have always had great service at WCC, and it is a lot of fun.


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Good to see this. Sounds like you had a great meal and a fun time. We are planning on being at WDW on my daughter's 11th birthday next year. I really want to check out Wilderness Lodge and WCC on our non-park day. Maybe we'll plan to be there for her birthday dinner!


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Glad you liked it! One of my favorite restaurants on property! So much fun and delicious food. We have a dinner ADR for December. I hope my favorite waiter, Senor Dusty Trails, is still there. He was awesome!


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This sounds like a GREAT experience! I love the interactions with the waitress and your teenagers haha


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Thanks so much for the review. I've eaten there just once, so far, and the server didn't do ANY antics. I was actually disappointed, but we were two women, and the other woman is a CM, so maybe there's a "don't mess with other CMs" policy. I did have dessert-the smore's gelato wagon wheel thing that I still dream about, it was so good! I'm glad to see the positive review, because I'd like to go back and have that dessert again, I just hope this time the server is a little more humorous.


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Thanks for this review, they are hard to find. I just booked an ADR here because we wanted a reason to visit wilderness lodge. Now looking forward to the actual food. :RpS_biggrin:


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We have dinner booked here for next week and we can't wait to try the food here. Thanks for the review.


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We've only eaten here once, for lunch several years ago. It was so disappointing!! Our server threw our napkins at us when we first sat down and we thought she would be great. But, the rest of the meal, nothing. We asked for ketchup, asked for different colored crayons for the kids meals, a couple of other things we'd read online. Nothing silly or out of the ordinary.

I've always wondered if there is some secret we missed? Or do they not do any of that during lunch?