Wilderness lodge - April 2017


Hi - I just got back yesterday from 6 days in Disney Post-Easter. Trip was from Tuesday 4/18 to Monday 4/24. This was my 1st time staying at Wilderness Lodge resort, and also my 1st time staying at a Deluxe. I have previously stayed at POFQ, CBR and Pop Century.

Room: My room was pool/courtyard facing, 5th floor, bunk bed room. We were actually close to the lobby side so away from the pool, but I could still see some of the pool in the distance, and our balcony had a view of the Electrical Water Pageant which was really cool to see every night. The room was a good size, my kids really loved the bunk beds as a novelty. I did notice they no longer have the decorative coverlet runner at the bottom of the bed and aside from one patterned throw pillow the beds were completely white. I know this is a change that is happening across all resorts, and I will agree with others that have said they miss the more decorative bedding that lent itself to carrying the theme. But anyway...

Food/restaurants: This resort has several restaurants. We ate lunch our first day at Whispering Canyon Cafe - the cast members were being playful and fun there, the ketchup routine was in full swing, as were other wacky antics and teasing guests. It was really fun and a playful atmosphere. The food also was very good, I had the tuna melt which was delicious.

The Quick service restaurant, Roaring Fork was closed for renovations. Other dining options in the main hotel building are Territory Lounge and Artist Point, both of which we did not go to at all. Territory Lounge was serving bagels, muffins, other continental breakfast type offerings and coffee every morning, I assume this was being done as a substitute since the QS was closed.

The other restaurant option is the brand new Geyser Point Bar & Grill which just opened a month or two ago. This is located in a separate building located down on the far away side of the pool close to the lake, right in between the main hotel and the DVC section. This restaurant is an open air bar and lounge area, with the large bar in the center. You can sit at the bar, or at table seating all around the bar. It's all upholstered couches and chairs and big wood tables, very comfy and casual. Towards the back there is a QS counter where you can order QS food, they give you a number and you go take a seat, then they will bring your order over to you. The QS menu is relatively limited, but really good food! We mainly ate breakfast here, but did also get lunch one day. This location does not have any of the to-go items like you would find at a regular hotel QS, like the fridge coolers where you can typically get a pre-made salad, bottled soft drink or pre-portioned dessert, these type of things are available in the gift shop. The refillable mug station is at the Geyser Point QS area. The food at Geyser Point was great and the staff were super friendly and helpful. I have young kids, so I like having a good QS at my resort, and we use it often. I did notice the void of not having Roaring Fork open. With that said, Geyser Point is a beautiful location, the open air concept is very cool and it overlooks the lake. Downsides are because it is all completely open, the underside beams of the roof are a natural haven for birds. They are probably going to have to do something about the birds because, I mean, people are trying to eat, and the seats are upholstered, and I will just leave it at that.

Layout: OK so there is some construction going on here. One entire side of the hotel is being renovated into DVC, as I am sure everyone knows since it is being so heavily marketed right now. They are also still building the waterfront cabin villas. I heard zero construction noise the entire time I was there and it did not bother me at all. The hotel was nice enough to give us Trading Pins as a gift for our inconvenience, and also this hotel was discounted for a promo that I booked 6 months ago and the construction was the reason why it was discounted. What I did notice for renovations - The Roaring Fork is closed as I mentioned, and they seem to be adding some kind of outside awning, maybe more outside seating on the opposite side of the hallway from where RF is, so there were walls up that extended toward that side of the pool area. Also the Trout Pass pool bar is closed for refurbishment, walls up all around this building. Apparently the rumor is this is planned to be a hair/nail salon. My 2 cents on the changes around the pool - I suppose now that Geyser Point is a bar right beyond Trout Pass, it does not make sense to have a pool bar right there in front of Geyser Point. But Geyser Point is located a little further away from the pool, and it is not at all what I would consider a "pool" bar, like to go there to get a drink I have left the pool area completely and cannot even see the pool at all. I have not been at a resort in my recollection where the was no actual bar/drink area at the pool. But this is not all complete yet so we'll see how it all comes together. There is planned to be another pool on the DVC wing side, so who knows what the end result will be. When we took the boat to MK and FW we could see the new cabins being built and they do look really cool.

Amenities: My kids loved the pool. the slide was a big hit, and we used the hot tub quite a bit. My kids are too old for the kiddie splash area now but it was in use and kids seemed to be enjoying it. This resort offers the option of taking a boat to Magic Kingdom. Being so close to MK the bus was only a 5 min ride, but we did also try the boat, it's so idyllic and at night the view of the Contemporary from the water was really cool. We also went to FW to see HDD and took the boat there. Internal buses were fine, longest ride I think was the one to Disney Springs. Typically there is no bus sharing with other resorts but one time at night we did stop at FW. This was my first time experiencing the new bus schedule boards, they were accurate.

The gift shop was decent, standard gift shop, plenty of resort-specific items. The lobby here is amazing, so many little seating areas, my kids called the lobby our 'living room" we did sit in the rocking chairs and near the fireplace a couple times. The lobby has a pin trading kiosk and of course a DVC sales area. There was also an arcade, and bike rentals.

CM’s were great – my daughter lost something at the Poly and they went so far above and beyond to help us get it back it was really worth noting, I am absolutely going to send them good feedback when I get my survey.

Overall liked it a lot it. I loved the Northwest lodge-theme cozy feel. I would love to come back here when all the changes are complete to get the full experience. Very enjoyable. The DVC options here look amazing.


I just sent your review to my hubs--we're going in October and I am DYING stay at WL. Thanks for posting!
Thanks for sharing! We are staying at WL for the first time this year and I am really looking forward to it. I'm glad you had a good experience there!


It was great. If I had the money I would totally buy the DVC options here. It was nice to be so close to MK and it's really so serene and peaceful. I was in the pool area one night looking up at the resort, nighttime with the lanterns on, thinking of how many times I looked at photos of this resort and researched it on Trip Advisor and to be actually sitting there in that setting was amazing.
WL is the only place DH and I will stay at we love it that much! I love the lobby the most and nothing like sitting in front of the fire in January!


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Thank you for the review! We want to stay there one day when the boys are older. The convenience of the monorail with a stroller is huge for us right now.