Will you share your Thanksgiving Week Itinerary?


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Anyone want to pity me for booking a last minute thanksgiving trip after my dining window opened and show me your Thanksgiving Week itinerary?

We have gone many times before including Thanksgiving weeks but my head is spinning from all the goings on this fall.
All of us going this fall have our heads spinning.
You'll have a fantastic Thanksgiving! Will you be all week? Mon-Wed might not be too bad. If you're intent on certain ADRs, keep trying the system occasionally. We've had good luck that way and have also with TP's Resv Finder twice (but not their crowd calendar! :D). The best thing we like about TP is the details of our past trips saved there and their room viewer is nifty too.
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^Our tentative schedule so far, still void of FPs/ADRs. Sept & Oct daily EMHs - 6-9a for HS, 7-8a for MK & AK. We're there Dec 11-15 and like Nov, who knows if the EMHs or hours will change.
We'll probably book all of our FPs for 9, 10 & 11am (usually use at 9:55, 10:25 and 10:55am), then start booking 4th FP at 11am. TS ADRs for around 5pm, but where?
This leaves us flexible for a long afternoon break if early EMHs and nightly FWs tire us out, or we can push most FPs to a later slot when needed.

Things we'll try to catch that we've never done: MVMCP on the 12th, new Space restaurant @Epcot (a new Japan one, too) and the new fireworks, Skyliner, and Galaxy's Edge. Should keep everyone busy!


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I don't know that mine is too helpful. We are doing a split stay, 4 nights monorail resort then 5 nights beach club. MK the first half, the other 3 parks the 2nd half. MVMCP when staying on the monorail. We put 2 half day mornings at HS near the end in case there are FP for star wars by then or if they extend the EEMH we have mornings to take advantage of it. No ADRs at HS so it will be easier to move days. In fact fewer ADRs altogether makes planning way more flexible, at least up until FP day locks us in to committing. Most of our ADRs are Epcot 2nd half. We have a lot of AK or HS mornings with Epcot pms.

I guess I'd rather optimize transportation time over worrying about hypothetical differences of which park which day. Based on Josh's most recent posts it appears the differences are minimal other than MK is definitely preferred on party days. It's kind of a freeing way to plan :)


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Thank you! I think I'll use your FP strategy. I think we are going to go with this schedule. Morning here means rope drop. Most days we will have a lunch scheduled and then a dinner at a resort. I usually like to do pre park open breakfasts but will avoid since i expect park hours to change and we can grab breakfast on our way out in the club level lounge. We might book a dinner at MK on Sunday and stay most of the day that day. Otherwise we will leave the rest of the parks when we are ready. We have park hoppers so we can go back into parks after dinner some nights if we are up to it. I guess one advantage of staying at Coronado and having park hoppers is that it will be pretty easy to go over to HS in the evening if I have a hard time getting FPs I want on our HS day.

SatNov 23Arrival EP Evening
SunNov 24MK morning
MonNov 25EP Morning
TuesNov 26Disney Springs Late afternoon/Evening

WedNov 27HS Morning
ThursNov 28MK morning
FriNov 29AK morning
SatNov 30Depart
That looks like an AWESOME trip! Gran Destino CL Deluxe Suite w/ free dine was my favorite pick from everything but I couldn't justify upgrading us when we also have a big trip next spring for my son's HS marching band to Scotland/UK. Please enjoy Chronos Lounge for me =) I'm very impressed with that new resort, a bit fixated actually. We opted for standard AKL $4500 to save.

Anne, that trip's a dream too. We have our sites set on trying an Epcot resort next time, having never done. Hoppers sound great with park resorts!
Our trip is short, 4.5 days and we like doing all fireworks:

Wed Dec 11 AK to 6p, hop MK 9-11p EMH reg 9p Wishes

Thu Dec 12 MK to 6p, MVMCP New fireworks @10p

Fri Dec 13 HS to 8p, Fantasmic 8p and hope for Jingle Bam! (not posted yet)

Sat Dec 14 EP to 9:30p New Epcot Forever

Sun Dec 15 Maybe AK/HS 3 hrs each; fly out 9p

ADRs we were able to set, will tweak if more availability found. Buffets help save time:
Wed Tusker @noon; check-in AKL 5-6p; park at monorail QS, eat dinner and head to MK ;)
Thu BOG 9a QS
Fri Hwd&Vine 7p
Sat Akershus 5p but will try hard to do Space 220
Sun Toledo maybe?

Last trip we themed characters/shows, this time is alcohol. We're infrequent drinkers so 2 DDP stiff drinks a day = party time.
Starly, Tues Nov 6th could be the lowest crowds for your trip. We like taking advantage of that but it's not necessary, especially with a longer trip.


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Ugh, yeah. I thought really hard about Tuesday 26. I know it will be a lower crowd day that week. I also know my family needs a morning off mid trip. I have the flexibility of switching it between Tues/Wed but that's about it. It might boil down to how I do with FP booking.