Windsor Hills - Pool heat question


We've rented a few times at Windsor Hills, but always in November when pool heat is a must. This time we're planning on going to first two weeks of June 2012 and renting a pool/hot tub home. The family likes it water "warm", the kiddos won't go for cold water.

Is pool heat a must for this time of year? Is it going to come down to having a South facing pool or not? What will the hot tub portion of the pool be like, is this just the same water as the pool, so if no heat for the pool, no heat for the "hot tub"? We've just had the splash pool townhome before, not the detached home with pool and hot tub....


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I would be surprised if you need pool heat in June. The pool should have a solar blanket; that will be more than enough.


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We live in the FL panhandle where temps are a bit "cooler" (I use that term loosely) than central FL. Our pool water right now, without heat and even without the solar blanket on is about 85 degrees. Is that warm enough? With the solar blanket we can probably get the temp up to 88 or 90 which feels "hot". I would assume pool temps in central FL will "naturally" be a couple degrees warmer than up here.


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The pool may not need heat... but the hot tub will. 80 is fine for a pool, but not a hot tub.
Is it a spa-- the kind that spills into the pool? Then you may need to heat both. Or is it a separate hot tub?