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We are toying with an offsite stay for Jan. 7 - 13 and have been reading all the great things people here have to say about WH.

I am slightly overwhelmed (to say the least) when I begin looking through all of the WH listings as I have NEVER rented a house before anywhere! I feel like the search fields aren't that great so I was curious if all of you had any favorites at WH that you could point me to?

I am looking for a 3 bedroom townhouse with a south facing pool. I like some of them that are a little more "Disney-fied", but that isn't an absolute necessity. I saw some of the 2 BR condos face Epcot and you can actually see fireworks from the balcony! Do any 3 BR townhomes also offer views?

Thanks for any insight and help!


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I don't think you are going to get a pool with a townhome. You will get a Splash pool-- which is different. Still wet-- but not very big.
To get a pool, you have to go up to a house-- which may be about the same, price wise.

We have stayed here -

And the Indian Creek property 8058IC Here

For the price, we always return to the Indian Creek property. We like that it is private in the back yard.

In general, we find Indian Creek rentals to be a tad cheaper, as the owners are not paying to maintain a large pool/resort complex.