Windsor Palms?


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We are booked for 9 nights at Windsor Hills starting next Wednesday. My FIL had a horrible accident on Monday and is in ICU with several injuries. They are hoping to do the first two surgeries Tuesday or Wednesday next week. After that, he will be recovering and things should (hopefully) be looking better. He will be in the hospital for a few weeks and then have to do some rehab.

We rented from an individual owner and my husband called her yesterday to see if we had any options other than to just cancel (we have trip insurance). The condo we rented is booked for most of the summer, but she has very graciously offered to let us use another condo that she owns at Windsor Palms when we are able to go. Right now, it looks like can probably push it back a few days. WP looks similar to WH, but I haven't heard much about it. I'm just wondering how far it is to the parks, are there shortcuts to go back and forth, etc. If you have stayed there, can you fill me in?



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I don't have any info for you but I just wanted to say that I hope your father in law gets better really soon.



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I am so sorry! We stayed at Windsor Palms in May 2015. It is a little further from the parks than WH but not as bad if you use Sherbeth Road. There are also parallel roads that will get you to Old Lake Wilson (and from there into the parks) that is faster than traveling down the main traffic congested road.

Windsor Palms itself was fine, but we ended up going back to WH. They had a gate but it was not monitored as carefully as the WH gate. (Guards would just wave people through). Overall the feel was a little more run down and old, but for your purposes I think it would be fine. We were in a home not a condo so I can’t speak to the pool, clubhouse etc. I know they had a basketball court because we could hear it from our villa! Overall though it was quiet. I had the impression that HOA rules are not as strictly enforced as at WH.


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Thanks, Kim, that helps. We are rebooked for 6/8-6/17. My perspective on this trip has changed a lot, and now I'm thankful that we get to go and we didn't have to mess with using the trip insurance and trying to find something else in our price range that has last minute availability.

Do you use Sherbeth Road to get to all of the parks, or just AK? I was thinking that it may be less congested to go that way and drive on property roads instead of public roads, but I don't know. We will probably use the pool some, but as long as there is water and it is clean, we'll be fine.


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Perspective is everything! At least you still are going.

I just brought up the map. I think the problem with Sherbeth Road is it is just a small road until you are on property. From WP you can connect to Livingston Road or Funie Steed Road. From there to Old Lake Wilson and 192 into the parks. I think that might be quicker for HS and EP. Not sure about for MK.

Windsor Palms is just older than WH. But it should be fine.

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I haven’t stayed there, but it looks to me that the difference would be about five minutes in travel time to and from the parks. I hope your father in law is doing better. I’m so sorry this happened.