WL alternate plus why would it be booked up in late Jan?


Just decided on a late Jan trip (over Superbowl weekend), and are sad to see all our favorite rooms (1 and 2 BR @ CCV / BRV @ WL) not available through Dave's DVC rentals or directly through Disney.

Two questions:
1. Was I super naive to assume they'd have availability 3.5 months out? I kind of thought the 1st weekend in Feb would be slow?
2. Can you sell me on another resort? We love the tranquility, boat-rides, and overall chill/beautiful vibe @ WL.

We really don't want to stay in a "regular" hotel room with our kids - we learned a long time ago that if Mom & Dad don't have their own bedroom, it's not a real vacation :RpS_biggrin:

Thanks for your help!
Maybe look at the cabins at Fort Wilderness. Same tranquil vibe but different layout to the room. I think that would be the most similar to wilderness lodge and they have boat transportation.


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It's a slower time of year, but DVC will usually be completely booked at 3.5 months. Maybe old key west or Saratoga springs would have some availability via points.

This close to your trip if you want a 1 bedroom I'd start by seeing what is available. It will likely be limited so I'd see what's there and then pick the resort that is most appealing. I'd probably go with AKL, it's relaxing and very similar to WL and tends to have more availability and discounts. . Or Riviera direct through Disney, there is up to 40% off. Should have pretty good direct availability since not many points yet declared to the DVC inventory.


After some vigorous refreshing and trying my search over and over, a 1 BR @ CCV opened up! Happy Day!