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We are a family of 6 driving to WDW for Spring Break (3/28 - 4/4). We will have 7 day park hoppers. Would you...

1. Get up early and drive down, arriving around 4:00, and plan to book FP and enjoy a park for the last four hours of operation or so, and count this as day 1 of your 7 day hopper.


2. Not do a park on the first travel day, instead have the second Saturday of vacation as day 7 of your 7 day park hoppers. We would rope drop, enjoy the park through lunch, and then drive the 8 hours home.

I'm leaning towards doing a park on the first travel day, and then there's still the option to add an extra day if we feel that we want it at the end of the week.



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I'd choose #2 if I had to choose between the 2, but yes, choosing #1 could keep #2 in play as well.

For our family, I'd rather make departure day a little more bearable than try to enhance arrival day. We are excited enough on arrival day that the pool plus resort is more than enough for us. Either of those options would result in some tired and cranky kids at the end of the respective day--I guess I'd rather have them be cranky outside the parks in the car or plane to maximize our fun time in the parks.


We've done both options a couple of times and both are trying and tiring after/before that long of a drive (we are 8.5 hours away).
If I had to make the choice to do one of them again, I would probably do arrival day with dinner and the fast passes only and make sure we leave at a set time to get a restful night. Leaving it for departure day makes me feel like a 'have to do' thing so I don't waste a ticket and isn't as enjoyable since we are dreading the long drive home.

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Option 2. We’ve done it multiple times. We’ve done option one once. It seemed like a great idea at the time... but getting out of MK with the masses after a long drive with cranky kids was possibly our worst experience at WDW. And we’ve gone to the ER in Celebration before.


I'd upgrade to an 8 day ticket and do both. The price increase is so incredibly minimal that it's lovely to spend just a few hours in the park.


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I'd do arrival day. My crew always wants to get into a park asap. I would book FP+ and plan to just use those and absorb the atmosphere with the knowledge that you may need to leave earlier than closing and that's okay. I find that the excitement gets us through on arrival day whereas a long drive after rope dropping just seems longer to us.


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I would rather go into a park on arrival day. On departure day we are all usually tired and such from a long week of hitting the parks and need to wind down, but on arrival day we are usually revved up and ready to go. Of course I would rather just hit the pool on both days, but sometimes that doesn't work and we want that extra day in the park.


When we get to Disney later in the day, we just go to DS and spend a slow leisurely trip, shopping dinner there. Then head back to the resort and rest up for the busy week to come.

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This may not be helpful, but I would suggest staying an extra night and leaving Sunday AM, thus choosing option 2 but you'll have a full day. Obviously this is more $$ but depending on your age and kids age: when you arrive you'll be a bit sore and tired after being in the car for 8 hours. It's already 4pm and as you know, things can also take a bit longer. You won't get to the park (after security etc) until prob 5:30. Add dinner and you're less than 3 hours of attractions on the heels of being tired from the ride. On the flip side, imagine having to drive 8 hours immediately after waking up early to RD and spending a few hours in the park. After a full week of touring, that's a looooooong ride home.

If you ty hat exta night, you can arrive relax at pool, be ready and rested for Day 1 of touring. Then on that Saturday you have another full day. Or even a longer, less chaotic half day. Saturday PM you can go to DS for dinner, relax at pool again, then wake up early Sunday and drive home. For us, on any vacation, we are always just eager to get home ASAP. We just don't like the stress of time to get home so we wouldn't do well at a park on departure day bc all we'd be thinking about it getting home and we'd probably leave the park earlier than planned.
In my family, it would be a question of do we want 7 day park hoppers and go to a park on arrival day, or do we want 6 days and just skip it. We've tried to do things at multiple vacation locations on our departure day, but it never happens. Once we pack up and get into departure mode, the only thing we can think about is getting in the car and getting the trip over with.

With a planned arrival around 4:00, I'd skip the first day and do it all in 6 days. If there are fireworks at MK, maybe watch the fireworks from a beach, but probably not unless you're staying at a hotel you can see them from. You don't want to be counting off the minutes every time there's a slow down on the Interstate. Eat a nice lunch, stop at some rest areas and let everyone stretch their legs for a while, and just get there when you get there.


I love doing a few things before we head home. Even if it's just our 3 FPs then sitting on a bench and having a snack, there's something about being in the park one last time. We just leave our packed bags with bell services (or in the car) and go have fun for the last few hours.

For arrival day, if we are driving, we try to take it easy and recover for the next day, but it depends a little on where we are staying. If we don't have to take a bus to get to the park, we're more likely to get 3 FP for that day and pop in and do those.


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Are you doing RD on your second day? How early will you be up on that first travel day? Put those 2 things together and decide how late you want to stay up on that first night.


Lots of good info here to consider. We have always gone to a park on our travel day. We usually leave town by 7:00 to start traveling because everyone is so excited. The price increase from 6 day tickets to 7 day day tickets was so small that we considered it our "bonus day" and just hit the 3 FP, had dinner, and then scooted out to get to the hotel, unpack, and get ready for RD the next day. We generally tend to start our vacations full-steam and by the second half we relax more, with more late mornings, and a more relaxed pace. I just wondered if we should mix it up this time. And I still don't know! But I appreciate the comments. And I guess I'm just old...because I have no idea who those kids are in that picture! :RpS_lol: