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  • beachta1
    That's cutting it close. I'm not sure what Oga's is like at the end of the night, but just because you have a 7:45pm reservation doesn't...
  • beachta1
    Yes, I have the companion pass and am A-list preferred. I know they just raise the stakes on how many points you need to qualify for...
  • A
    AngiTN reacted to Anne's post in the thread Using with Like Like.
    Limit per account is 5 x $1000 gift cards. But you can have as many accounts as you have email addresses
  • mgarbowski
    mgarbowski replied to the thread EMH positive or negative.
    The consensus on this board has been to avoid morning EMH because with a good plan the upside to morning EMH is limited. But it is also...
  • CJG17
    CJG17 replied to the thread 4th FP in MK.
    I usually aim to get rides like Pirates, HM, Buzz (all of those are very easy). But if you are willing to wait a few hours for your...
  • tlh119
    We have a 7:45pm reservation for Oga's Cantina on a night when Hollywood Studios closes at 8:30pm. What time do we need to leave Oga's...
  • K
    kfernandes replied to the thread EMH positive or negative.
    We loved doing early EMH when my daughter was younger and willing to get up early. We got so much done in a relatively empty park, and...
  • CJG17
    Beachta, that was me about two years ago. I only had one SW card and was going on about how I loved it, and someone on here posted...
  • beachta1
    beachta1 replied to the thread EMH positive or negative.
    I'd only suggest doing the early EMH if you can get up and really RD it. I do like that you can avoid some of the heat of August early...
  • beachta1
    beachta1 replied to the thread 4th FP in MK.
    I think it really depends on time of day and crowd level.
  • beachta1
    I've left my computer and tablet with Bell Services without issue. Also if its a mini solo trip, maybe leave the computer at home...
  • beachta1
    beachta1 replied to the thread Time estimates from MCO.
    I was thinking 3-4 hours. Best case scenario, you get there earlier!
  • C
    I agree with AngiTN. I was a bit nervous the first time we left our belongings with Bell Services, particularly my laptop. But...
  • Mrs Darling
    Mrs Darling replied to the thread 4th FP in MK.
    Pp & 7D are tough for sure. We've gotten the mountains as a 4th FP during moderate crowds multiple times. Probably Space less frequently...
  • kgillen
    kgillen replied to the thread US and IOA.
    Looks like you have the big ones covered. Just did a quick visit (2 park days) at the beginning of Feb. My two teens, DS15 and DD13, did...